Detailed guide to backup android devices

In the digital age, managing data is an important task to carry out every day. This also covers mobile phones, tablets and the like. Have you worried after you have deleted your files from recycle bin or your mobile phone accidentally? Well, if you’re such a techno-freak, you should automate the whole backup process. There are a plethora of reasons why you should backup an android phone. First, you can move your apps to devices which does not support android market, there has been a new version released and you’re unsure about the stability of it, you want to share content with someone who lives in a country where certain app isn’t available, to safeguard your data from viruses or other malicious codes, you are trying a new custom ROM. Whatever it be the reason, there are two ways to carry out this which are manual and automated by apps. Some companies provide solutions to upload to cloud but personally we’re not fans of giving away our data to third party. If you want to make a manual backup, copy all the contents of your sd card and store somewhere on your pc with a timestamp so you can easily identify them in later point of time. It is best if you maintain atleast three last backups because there might be chances even the archive is damaged while copying. The other way, you can use a number of android apps available on the play store.

android backupThe G cloud Backup offers an excellent solution by uploading your calendars, messages, contacts, music, applications and other data to Amazon clou with strong AES encryption. They are also available online via web interface. Similar apps include Helium, My Backup Pro with more or less same features. To manage data yourself you might look into offline storage apps like Titanium Backup which helps you to backup entire phone to your PC or anywhere. A full titanium backup pro apk file is available by doing a google search. This app also prevents the hassle of keeping 3-4 apps doing each task separately. You also get the ability to upload your favouite cloud storage like dropbox, google drive, etc. If you purchase the full version, it supports unlimited number of devices, so it can fit an entire circle of family and friends.